Worker's Compensation: A Field Guide for Employers




"...I have read and annotated the book repeatedly, and am always picking up nuances that I can relate to the cases that I have heard (and hear) litigated before me...His chapters on classification and experience rating, meanwhile, may be the most lucid currently available."---

Workers' Compensation Judge David B. Torrey, in the "Workers Compensation Law Section Newsletter" of the Pennsylvania Bar Association.

"... unlike any other workers' compensation is a must-have for those who manage workers' compensation insurance...Priz does an excellent job of exploring the ins and outs of a workers compensation policy, especially all the intricacies of premium calculations and common mistakes in areas such as classifications and experience modification factors."--

--Professional Safety magazine, review by Dr. Laura Rhodes of Indiana University of Pennsylvania*




"Perhaps one of the most important points the book makes is that business owners should understand how their premiums are calculated. Priz describes some of the common mistakes he sees in field audits of policies. These tips can help you avoid overcharges.



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*This was a review of Ultimate Guide to Workers Compensation Insurance, now out of print.  But the new Field Guide for Employers includes all the material from Ultimate Guide, along with expanded and updated content.


This new edition retains all the information from Ultimate Guide that so many found invaluable, but with updated information and some expanded content.  So all the kind reviews of Ultimate Guide still apply to the new Field Guide--it just has been updated to reflect  changes and developments in the Workers Compensation field. 

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 "This book is an excellent review of the current system of workers compensation coverages. It is dead-on accurate in its description of the potholes one can encounter - NCCI ratings, premium audits and others. I thought Mr. Priz was generous in his kindness to auditors and underwriters, who are the source of most of the problems and also the solution to most of the problems. 
I am going to buy several copies for my clients."

--Michael Greenleaf, from Scott Depot, WV


"This book describes in detail information I have never gotten from my insurance agent. It gives you a detailed insight into the world of workers' compensation and has been very useful in helping me to make sure that what we do as a company is under the right classification. It would have been difficult to argue our case without the knowledge I obtained from this book. Worth every penny!"

from a reader's review on



"In this book you particularly want to read the 'war stories' where actual incidents, either accidents or administrative actions are reported. Some of the rulings stagger the imagination. It is only by knowing the facts and having them at your fingertips that you stand a chance of winning the battle. 
This book gives a general introduction to the situation, followed by suggestions of what you can do to understand the rules in your state. The whole concept is to give you the information you need to treat Workman's Comp like any other business expense where you have at least some control."

--John Matlock, from Winnemuca, NV in his review of The Ultimate Guide to Workers' Compensation Insurance, on

"I ordered this book to get an overview of the Workers Compensation Insurance Industry. This book is very good to get a glimpse of the WC Industry and provides the most important data. I recommend this book for everyone who wants to get basic information on the Industry. "

- S. Hagenberg, in his review of The Ultimate Guide to Workers' Compensation Insurance on



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