Our Code of Ethics

Advanced Insurance Management will always strive to perform our consulting services to clients in an ethical and professional manner. 

We will strenuously represent our clients' interests in identifying and recovering overcharges in Workers' Compensation premiums.

We will never knowingly exaggerate or misrepresent information to insurers or rating agencies in an attempt to obtain a refund for a client that is not warranted under the pertinent rules and regulations.

We will keep our clients informed of all our findings and proposed actions before contacting insurers, rating agencies, or insurance regulators on their behalf.

We will continuously strive to keep up-to-date with the latest developments affecting Workers' Compensation premium computation rules and regulations throughout the jurisdictions of the United States, for the benefit of our clients.

If a client ever directs us to discontinue seeking a refund on their behalf, for whatever reason, we will immediately comply with such directions, even though it may mean we will forfeit our contingent share of the refund that would have resulted.



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