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Testimonials from Clients

Here's a testimonial from one happy client of ours:

It's always gratifying to know we were able to help a small business fighting an unfair and excessive Workers Comp insurance audit billing. That's the kind of thing we've specialized in since we started back in 1987.

Advanced Insurance Management has helped employers of all types, sizes, and locations to reduce Workers' Compensation costs.  We've worked with some large and well known companies, such as Caterpillar, Bridgestone/Firestone Tire, Federal Mogul, Titan Wheel, Walsh Construction, and even the San Francisco 49ers

But we've also helped many smaller companies--manufacturers, construction firms, transportation companies, PEO's, temporary agencies, hospitals, and others.  And our clients come from all over the United States--California to Connecticut, Wisconsin to Florida, and all points in between.


Here's what some other clients have said about us:

"Before we hired Advanced Insurance Management, we were facing almost $40,000 of workers compensation premiums for my company that supposedly had one employee.  I was facing the very real possibility of having to close my doors because of these bills.
Advanced Insurance Management was able to negate the premium that the insurance company was trying to apply. I would highly recommend Advanced Insurance Management to anyone that is involved in a dispute with their Workmans Compensation Insurance carrier.  They saved my business."

 Wayne Leonardi
WTLS Services

"We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the way the situation turned out with our insurance company, CNA...The recent settlement check from CNA for $37,500 brings to a total of just over $50,000 that our company has received due to the work of Advanced Insurance Management. Your work produced substantial refunds, as well as lowering our future premiums, just as you had promised at the outset."
-- Sue Wellman, Triumph Machine Co.

"I am happy to announce that the case has settled on very favorable terms...You were well researched, knowledgeable of the facts, and did a great job. Please let me know if you need a recommendation at any time and I would be glad to give it to you. Again, thank you so much for your help."--Craig F. Lowther, attorney, Lowther Johnson LLC

"I would like to thank you for the great work you did in investigating the problem with our experience modification rating. Your discovery of errors as well as insurance companies' failures to submit data to NCCI were critical to our company's ability to continue to do construction work on federal projects. 

We appreciate your persistence in working with the different insurance companies to make sure the corrected data was submitted to NCCI and then working with our current insurance company to follow up and get the revised EMR's.

In addition, your work was done very efficiently making the overall value of your services extraordinary."--Carl Oaks, Vice President, National Resource Management LLC


"Ed Priz..." (President of AIM) "...audited six years of policies for us, and recovered overcharges representing more than 45% of the workers' compensation premiums that we had paid for that period. We would recommend him to anyone."
--Greg Regnier, Controller, Eagle Wings Industries


"Advanced Insurance Management has been a tremendous help to Allied Welding, Inc., and has saved us money and generated a significant refund on our Workers' Compensation by finding an error in our classifications. We value their expertise."
-- Jeanne Hostetler, Allied Welding, Inc.


"Your review of our company's past Workers' Compensation premium charges has produced a refund of just over $24,000 with the possibility of additional refunds to come. A.I.M. did just what you said it would do--check over Workers' Comp premium charges, identify any overcharges, and then get that money back for us. All without making any change in our insurance agent or our insurance company. As other companies consider whether or not to use the services of AIM, I hope they keep in mind the results you produced for Neptune."
-- Ben D'Andrea, Neptune Construction Company

"I would like to thank you for your work in finding and obtaining refunds in our past Workers' Compensation insurance policies. Your efforts produced a significant refund for us, a refund we had not suspected might be owed us until you examined our records."
-- Stephen Farmer, Murray Manufacturing Co. Inc.


"We have worked with Ed Priz for many years. He has saved us money, recovered overpayments due to errors, and lent us his expertise. When we go out for quotes, he is the first one we call."
-- Richard Scheck, owner, Scheck Mechanical Corporation


"This is just to say thanks for the work that AIM did producing a Workers' Comp. premium refund for Polar Tool. Thanks to your persistence and effort, we received a refund of over $36,000 from our insurance company. I hope that other companies that may also have been overcharged on their Workers' Comp. insurance give you a chance to help them, the way you helped Polar Tool."
-- Roberto Alvarado, Polar Tool and Manufacturing


"Your efforts produced a refund of over $37,000 from our past policies, as well as lowering our current and future Workers' Compensation premiums. This has helped Surface Finishes significantly reduce our cost of Workers' Compensation insurance, not only for the present, but for years to come."
-- Mark Drzewiecki, Surface Finishes Co. Inc.


"Your review of our past Workers' Compensation policies produced a refund of just over $23,000, a refund produced by your finding overcharges in our old policies that we had never realized had occurred. Your service did just what you said it would, without trying to get us to change our insurance agent or our insurance company...I would encourage other businesses to also have their Workers' Compensation premiums reviewed by AIM."
-- Ted Mueller, Diamond Blast Corp.


"When NCCI changed our Workers' Compensation classification code to a more expensive one, increasing our Workers' Comp premiums by $9,000 a year, our efforts (and those of our agent) were unable to correct this mistake. Our insurance company even had turned us over to a collection agency. But AIM was able to get that NCCI decision reversed, and eliminate that costly increase in our premiums. Our thanks again for your work, and I hope that other companies keep our example in mind when considering whether or not to use Advanced Insurance Management."
-- Gladys Rice, Rice Precision Machining, Inc.


How We Can Help You

How we do it

The Advanced Insurance Management® review double-checks the classifications, rates, experience modification factors, payroll audits, and other rating factors that insurance companies use to calculate your Workers' Compensation insurance premiums. We identify and correct technical errors that affect Workers Compensation insurance premiums on current policies and past premium audits.

We specialize in the area of finding and correcting technical mistakes that have been overlooked by insurance company auditors and brokers.

But we don't sell insurance.


Consultants on Workers Comp Classification Codes, Experience Modifiers, Payroll Audits, & More

AIM has been helping employers lower Workers Compensation premiums since 1987, making Advanced Insurance Management one of the oldest and most experienced firms in the field of premium recovery.

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