Expert Witness on Workers Compensation Insurance

Scott M. Priz
Vice President, Advanced Insurance Management LLC

Scott M. Priz entered the insurance industry in 2003 as a consultant with Advanced Insurance Management.  He has consulted with employers across the United States on proper Workers’ Compensation insurance charges.

Mr. Priz provides professional advice to commercial insureds, as well as to insurance agents and brokers, on Workers’ Compensation insurance premium charges, audits, classifications, and experience modifiers. He has particular expertise in areas relating to experience modification factor and contractor's credit calculations.

He also specializes in Premium Recovery for employers, negotiating refunds of overcharges from past Workers Compensation insurance policies.


Scott M. Priz is also an attorney, admitted to the Illinois bar.  So he brings a unique combination of legal training and years of experience with Workers Compensation insurance audits and premiums.

He is co-author of the book Workers Compensation: A Field Guide for Employers, available at Amazon and elsewhere.


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